More difficult than choosing a name for a child is to choose a name for a brand. And it's much more expensive to change too, if you later regret it. Make the right choice.

Communication plans

The way a company is perceived by its customers, suppliers, employees and competition dictates its success. The best technique to achieve solid results implies drawing up an annual communication plan, internal and / or external, in order not to waste resources and optimize the brand.

Marketing plans

What if instead of looking at your company marketing as an afterthought - in which the techniques are applied sporadically neither respecting any methodology nor accuracy - you took a structured marketing plan, developed through tasks and goals aimed at increasing results? It’s amazing what a good marketing plan can do for your business!

Guerrilla marketing

Do you want to “strike”? It must be fast and unpredictable! Guerrilla marketing consists of un-conventional marketing actions that impact the public. The term is based on the strategies used in battle. Guerrilla is the tactic that armies with fewer resources used to surprise enemies. Make you brand surprising too.

Marketing to children

Children are children. They are everything. In RELÓGIO we face the marketing and advertising to children as actions of pedagogical and social responsibility in their development.


Dedicated to general public, internal events of your company or to promote brands and services. Showing up is essential. To be seen. To be memorable.

Advertising campaigns

 “What really makes the consumer decide to buy or not to buy is the content of your ad, not its form. " - David Ogilvy

Regardless of the budget, or the media to be used, if the campaign is creative and serves the brand's objectives, it will succeed.

Public relations

We coordinate both the relations´ management and the communication of your company. We do crisis management.

Media relations

The media relations are critical to any company or brand. A good relationship with the media and the periodic publication of news is a privileged way to reach the consumer. In RELÓGIO we manage this “connection”, prepare press releases and take care of the clipping.

Trade fairs management

Participating in a trade fair is one of the best ways to promote a company or brand. And also one of the more expensive ones. More than a good stand, it’s essential to program a communication strategy for the fair - coordinating all media - as well as to identify and define actions and merchandising to implement in order to optimize the resources already invested. Learn how to organize a participation in a trade fair and increase your results.

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